A little bit about Teresa Thomspon. Teresa has been farming at Thompson Farms for 20 plus years, involved in every aspect of the operation. She has been involved in the seed industry for 10 years now first with Crows Hybrids and now with Channel Brand Seeds and Proharvest Seeds carrying Cover Crops seeds and Forage Seeds. She is also a Certified Farm Equipment Appraiser.www.2Tappraisals.com

Channel Seeds

Why choose the Channel seed brand? Superior Ag Solutions provide expert advise and we will customize service to positively impact the lives of our growers and offer a full pipeline of technology. Our goal is to add value with a hands-on approach to your operation, walk your fields, and work together to reach your goals for optimal success. As a Channel Seedsman, we work with the farmer year-round and offer personal consultation throughout Seedling, Vegetative, Reproductive and Maturity stages.  We are privileged to have the highest-performing genetics globally.  Combined with Germplasm and Monsanto traits we are proud to offer a wide range of choices.  Some of them include Genuity® SmartStax® RIB complete™, corn blend, Genuity®VT DOUBLE PRO®RIB Complete™corn blend, Genuity®VT TRIPLE PRO®corn, YieldGard VT TRIPLE®corn and Roundup Ready®Corn 2. We look forward to meeting you to discuss the best options for your fields.  We are passionate about providing exceptional service, knowledge and consistent positive performance.

For All Your Forage & Cover Crop Needs Exclusive Dealers for ProHarvest Seeds™

We offer a full line of cover crops, alfalfa, clover, grasses, Hay and pasture mixes, Perennial Ryegrass, summer annual and a variety of other products. Why Choose Cover Crops? Are you looking for alternative tillage methods on highly erodible fields? Are you looking for a way to improve the soil profile on your farm?  What are the benefits for feed and grazing for livestock? We incorporated a Cover Crop dealership into our operation and wanted to extend the benefits to other farmers in our area. We offer a broad range of products that will best suit your needs.The benefits include reducing compaction, capture and hold valuable nutrients in your soils, suppress weed growth, helps control nematodes, can increase nitrogen levels, increases yields and profits, and reduces inputs.  Application can be drilled or Aerial/Broadcast. If you have any questions or if you would like plot data please contact Teresa Thompson 309-232-9400.  We look forward to working with you.