We are 4th generation farmers that are also business owners and managers. Thompson Farms owns and farms acreage in Warren, Henderson, Knox and Mercer Counties in Illinois. We take great pride in our own farms as well as our landlord’s properties. We strive to keep the road banks well groomed and all of the fence lines free of brush and weeds. Our farms and our landlords farms are taken care of in the best possible way. Soils are tested regularly to keep the fertility at optimum levels to grow the best possible crops. Tillage plans are in place to preserve the soil from erosion. We also strive to keep landowners and farm managers up to date on our farming progress throughout the year. Building and maintaining relationships is the platform of our operations. Thompson Farms believes in long term landlord / tenant relationships. We want our landlords and farm managers to be completely comfortable with our individual farming characteristics and techniques. We welcome and strongly encourage landowners and managers to join us in the field to ride and see our operations and to enjoy their properties with us. With extremely volatile markets and fluctuating input costs, we understand the need to have a detailed plan in place to protect all parties involved. We use professional advisors to help make wise marketing choices with our crops. We look forward several years with these professional advisors to make profitable decisions with our crop plan. Thompson farms also incorporates crop insurance in to our plan to further spread out our marketing risks. Landlords can have peace of mind knowing that we will take extremely good care of your land and that we will have good solid plan in place for your farm.