Thompson Farms is a family owned and managed farming operation. Thompson Farms original home base is located in rural Warren and Henderson County, Illinois. The family farm consists of Patrick (P.J.) Thompson and his wife, Char, his father, Larry and his wife Betty. P.J.’s sister, Teresa completes the family operation creating an experienced, young 4th generation family farm operation. Our experience goes back to Great Grandfather Thompson. We employ several members of our community, who are like family to us. With the combined efforts of our employees Thompson Farms operates with commitment, integrity and pride. We use state of the art, late model machinery, which enables us to be timely and efficient in our farming procedures and maintain the ability to add additional acres. In addition to our progressive farming techniques, we continue to operate safely and efficiently. Great pride is taken in running a productive family farm. We continue to expand our knowledge of current farm management practices that are rapidly changing. Our farming experience includes a corn and soybean rotation and tillage practices of conventional, conservation or no-till, depending upon individual soil needs or the appropriate conservation plan.